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 Does Getting a Keratin Treatment Really Work?

When it comes to the keratin in your hair, it is a known fact that you lose it daily from ageing, using heat, colouring your hair, or allowing your hair to be chemically treated in one way or another. For many, the day to day styling activities that their hair undergoes will eventually lead to damaged hair. To counteract this, keratin and collagen treatments can be introduced to help with hair smoothing and getting your hair back on track to being healthy. When you allow your hair to undergo a keratin hair treatment, you begin the process of adding that keratin back into your hair to restore it. This simple science is enough reason for you to undergo a smoothing treatment for unmanageable hair


Benefits of Doing a Keratin Treatment on Your Hair

There are so many benefits of doing a keratin hair treatment. Here is a list of just a few of the things that a keratin treatment can do for your hair:

  • Overall hair care: Keratin makes your hair stronger because it helps decrease the amount of breakage and split ends your hair undergoes.
  • Healthy conditioner: A keratin treatment can help prevent shedding by keeping your hair moisturized.
  • Eliminates harmful ingredients: Keratin treatments can rid your hair of harmful chemicals left in your hair from hard water or from shampoo.
  • Replenishes hair cuticles: Your hair color will start to look more natural because you are replenishing the protein amounts in your hair.
  • Restores natural texture:  Helps prevent frizz – especially on humid days.
  • Less time styling: A keratin smoothing treatment helps to cut down the amount of time needed to style and dry your hair.
  •  more resilient against humidity.

Keratin is a protein that makes up 90% of your hair. It is an essential structural protein that protects your hair from damage.

The amino acids found in  MYAA FLOWER keratin create  bridges that give your hair the much-needed strength and resilience. 

What Is Keratin